Container liners have seen increased popularity in the transportation industry. The past has seen many issues arising from using alternative methods, such as contamination and damage of cargo. In this blog, Plascorp explores the benefits of utilising container liners to transport products, and why a growing amount of companies are choosing to invest in them. Save on Packaging Costs When packaging bulk products for transportation inside a shipping container, various options are available on the market. Sacks, bulk bags, and container liners are the most popular, with liners growing in popularity over recent years due to their savings offered on packaging costs. Far less is involved with a container liner, as multiple sacks and bulk bags are required to store all products, not to mention the added pallets needed to take their weight. Hundreds of dollars in resources is set to be saved on packaging, which can easily be transferred into thousands over many shipments. Increased Productivity Sophisticated automated equipment can handle bulk products transported inside a container liner, as opposed to the high manual labours needed for alternatives. For example, bulk bags require a conveyor feed, forklift transport, palletising, and additional storage space, not to mention the further risk of injury posed to staff members. Where container liners may be handled in a matter of minutes, it is likely that sacks and bulk bags will take hours for a company to deal with. Reduced Wastage Shipping containers are frequently loaded both vertically and horizontally. Fortunately, container liners keep cargo secure throughout its entire journey, from loading, to transportation, unpacking, and then the eventual storage. Thanks to the reinforced polyethylene fabric, welded body seams, and intelligent design, they are puncture proof and greatly reduce the possibility of any part of the products from spilling or going to waste. Reduced Contamination A common risk when transporting with sacks and bulk bags is having water, dust particles, and remnants of old cargo mixing with the current products. Container liners remove this problem. Resistant against humidity and with an impenetrable design to prevent leakages any other contaminates that could damage the products involved, container liners produce less potential pollutants, and therefore are easier to be cleaned. Find the Best with Plascorp Plascorp offer some of the finest container liners available on the market at highly competitive prices. We even offer unparalleled quantity price breaks and customisation options to complement your product, loading and discharge requirements. Contact us today to learn more.