Tunnel Ventilation Ducting


PlascorpTM’s Tunnel Ventilation Ducting is made of PVC coating reinforced with a polyester yarn that provides a high tear resistance and lower energy consumption. The Ducting is Lightweight, durable and extremely flexible and is used for tunneling ventilation during the construction stage and on a permanent basis. Available in various tensile strength grades plus optional Fire Retardant and antistatic properties to suit performance ranges.

The polyester textile is knitted or woven so as to minimise the length and size of any damage or tears. The textile is coated with strong PVC, which helps to optimise strength and prevent delamination when it’s exposed to high pressure and stress. The UV PVC coatings on both sides of the scrim make the duct both air and water tight,as well as protection against UV radiation.

Both our Tunneling and Mine ventilation ducting has been used worldwide in numerous tunneling projects. PlascorpTM is constantly working to offer the best duct quality through innovation and Research and Development. Plascorp’s manufacturing is approved and certified in accordance with ISO 9001

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