Blower Duct

Flexible ducting is the top choice for many industries when it comes to a versatile piping system. You probably use some form of flexible ducting in your industry, but have you ever wondered what else it can be used for? Here are 4 highly common uses for flexible ducting that show how versatile and ubiquitous this product truly is.


Fresh, breathable air is an abundant resource at ground level. But once you head deep below or above ground, it becomes scarce. A consistent airflow is an essential element for the health and safety of your employees, passengers, and yourself. Flexible ducting is frequently used for ventilation whether it be an underground mine or 10,000 feet high aircraft. Its flexibility is an asset as it means you can squeeze piping systems into odd shapes or small spaces and still receive exceptional air quality.

Dust collection & air purification

Sometimes on ground level our work results in contaminated air. Industries that involve woodworking – such as carpenters and sawmills – require dust removal and air purification systems to ensure their working conditions are safe. Oil refineries similarly require the removal of contaminated air from their workspace.

Heating & cooling

From commercial offices to residential building projects and even event hire; a temperature-controlled environment is ideal. Many heating and cooling systems these days use flexible ducting instead of rigid metal. It’s an affordable choice, it allows for sharp turns in your system, and is easy to setup and dismantle for temporary fixtures.

Food transport

There are many flexible ducting products which qualify as food grade and are used in the transport of dry foods such as grain. They are commonly employed in the suction and discharge of materials. They are considered food safe and reinforced to prevent abrasive materials from chipping the piping and allowing contaminants to get into the ducting system.

Every flexible ducting option in one place

Plascorp have a variety of flexible ducting products that can be used in hundreds of varied industrial applications. With more than 50 years of experience manufacturing ducting and other piping products in Australia, we are the experts in the field. If you’d like to know more about any of our products or to chat about which flexible ducting suits your industry, simply contact the team. You can call our VIC, WA or QLD head offices or send us a message online and we’ll be in touch soon.