Steel is one of the most common components found in the domestic and commercial construction industries. With processes changing and traditions being replaced in favour of new and exciting alternatives, the experts at Plascorp will use this blog to explore the many different applications companies can have with steel. Steel Framing Due to their impressive strength giving them the capabilities of managing huge loads, as well as a favourable cost-effectiveness that allows construction companies to affordably cover large areas, steel frames are frequently used as structural components in modern homes and buildings. In fact, thanks to advancements in the industry, steel frames can now be designed with precise features, with construction companies able to determine its dimensions, exact positioning, and even the loads and stresses it will bear. Prefabricated Steel With constant innovation in architecture and modern home design, the demands placed on construction companies to meet intricate specifications is becoming great. Fortunately, prefabricated steel can create some viable solutions in the industry. Without having to cut or weld the high-quality steel on site, you can ensure precision in design that can be introduced in a trailer, domestic dwelling, or even a large-scale commercial property. It is a cost-efficient and practical approach to easily obtain dependable foundations. Roofing Steel roofing is the most viable option when looking to achieve additional space, improved product life, heightened aesthetics, and increased energy saving for your home. After advancements in steel manufacturing, you can not only make a statement with a visually pleasing, impressively fortified design, but also enjoy competitively low prices. It will also benefit you in the future, should you decide that you want to redesign your home and add another storey. Outbuildings Looking for a strong and reliable outbuilding to conduct work or store your equipment? Thanks to its cost-effectiveness and high adaptability, steel is allowing people to be incredibly flexible with the designs for their outbuildings. If you need room to accommodate workspaces and collection areas, yet only have an irregular space available to you, steel is usually the way to go. The universal beams and columns make for easier work than timber, giving construction teams more freedom with their processes. Work with the Experts Plascorp is one of the leading steel suppliers in Austraila, offering a wide selection from reinforcing bars to mesh. Contact our specialist manufacturers today to learn more.