To ensure your dog is living their healthiest, happiest life, owners must introduce plenty of opportunities for physical activity and mental stimulation. An activity you can find all of this and more is in Dog Agility Training. This is a sport involving various obstacles and challenges, such as jumps, weave poles and tunnels, where the dog is led under direction from their handler. There are competitions held in which you can test the might of your dog against others, or perhaps you just want them to have some positive development. Here are some of the benefits from getting your dog active with Agility Training. Physical & Mental Stimulation Every dog owner will be aware of the excess energy their pets can exhibit from time to time. It isn’t only just their bodies either, but their attention as well. Agility training is a perfect way to burn off that energy, as the navigating challenges involved in the course will push your dog’s muscles, endurance and flexibility, as well as sharpening their coordination and cognitive ability. It isn’t just fitness for your pet, either. As a handler, you will be running up and down too, assisting with direction, jumping, speed and getting a workout of your own. Natural Hunters It might be hard to believe when looking at their cute, furry faces, but dogs are natural born hunters. They have centuries of genetic memory in their blood, urging them to chase after various kinds of prey, which would often involve navigation through natural obstacles, such as steep slopes, thick bushes, and fallen logs. With agility training, you are replicating that pursuit for food, allowing your pet to work off their instincts. Improve Obedience If your dog hasn’t had any formal training, it can be difficult finding the right methods to improve their obedience, especially when allowed off the leash. Fortunately, agility is a sport that demands high levels of skill and practice. Running, jumping, weaving, sitting, waiting, remaining focused over extended periods of time – a lot goes into it, by the end of which your dog will have a strong sense of obedience instilled into their behaviour. Nurture Bond between Dog and Owner It can take time for that unbreakable, loving bond to develop between a dog and their owner. During agility training, handlers can only do so much in the actual running of the course, so a strong connection between them and the dog is essential for adequately overcoming the obstacles. Naturally, this takes work, but the fruitful relationship that emerges will improve communication, respect, and affection that lasts for a lifetime.