Wire Mesh
Whether it’s for an inner city bridge or a residential driveway, reinforcing mesh is one of the most commonly used materials in construction and landscaping industries. What exactly is this essential material? And what is the best type to use in your next building project? Uses for Reinforcing Mesh The main reason to use reinforcing mesh is exactly what it sounds like: to reinforce the structural integrity of concrete to improve tensile strength and prevent cracks. Concrete mesh can minimise the presence of cracks; however, it won’t prevent them entirely. It should keep them from appearing in the middle of your concreting work and will hold cracks closed should they appear around the edges of your work, as can be expected. Types of Concrete Mesh From square to rectangular, welded, brick wall and ladder mesh, there are plenty of varieties and shapes of concrete mesh available. Some of the most commonly used include Square Mesh This is a general purpose reinforcing mesh used for flat concrete slabs and walls. It is the most common shape and comes in many sizes, either standard dimensions or made to order. Trench Mesh This concrete mesh is specifically for residential footing trenches which make up the foundations or border concreting for homes. It can also be used for footpaths, rock walls, brick walls and any other narrow structures. Rectangular Mesh This mesh is typically chosen when strength is required in one direction; for example, floors or walls that are long or tall. When the dimensions require extra support one way over the other, this is the ideal mesh for the job. Ribbed Mesh The bars used in this kind of mesh have been ribbed to improve bonding with concrete and provide superior crack prevention. A ribbed profile can be applied to any style and shape of mesh, from square to trench, and it is the most common method of steel bar manufacturing currently used. Order Your Reinforcing Mesh Today Plascorp supply piping, ducting, reinforcing mesh and much more to industries Australia-wide. We’re experts in square, trench and rectangular concrete mesh with large stock available in our distribution centres in Queensland and Western Australia for fast delivery. All our concrete mesh products comply with the relevant Australian Standards and we source our steel from mills certified by the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels Limited. Unusual orders are our specialty with the ability to cut, bend and bundle all sizes of steel bars. Contact our team today to place your order on 1300 30 13 13.