Australian Threaded Metal Pipe Suppliers

Threaded steel pipe has a very wide number of uses, with this versatility used to great advantage in a number of industries. The steel pipes we provide are perfect for carrying sanitary or corrosive fluids, gases and slurries. They are particularly useful in environments with high pressure flows. Plascorp are suppliers of high quality threaded metal piping that is constructed to be durable and long lasting, so that no matter the project, you can be assured that our pipe will be more than suitable.

With the versatility of threaded steel pipes comes the need for this pipe to be highly customisable. Plascorp pride ourselves on the range of threaded pipe and fittings we have available for a wide range of requirements. Whatever your need may be, you’ll be sure to find the appropriate threaded steels pipe in our range, with a wide range of lengths, dimensions and diameters available, all with the option to have specific threads applied.

Why Plascorp should be your first choice

Since commencing operations in 1961, Plascorp have produced a wide range of products that have been invaluable to Australian environmental, industrial and commercial industries. As a private company, we ensure that the custom orders customers make with us are approached with the same dedicated approach, no matter the size of the order.

When we manufacture our products, we always abide by strict Australian Standards and all of our manufacturing processes and materials undergo a variety of quality control measures to ensure consistency.

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If you’re interested in utilising superior threaded steel pipe in your next project, contact us today and we’ll be able to organise custom piping for you. If you have any general enquiries about our threaded pipe, we welcome enquiries and strive to respond as quickly as possible in all situations.

If your project requires threaded steep piping, we also recommend you browse our ranges of PVC electrical piping, drilling pipe and galvanised steel electrical conduits. We look forward to helping you complete your next project with the best products in the industry!