Drilling Pipe Supplier for Australian Businesses

Plascorp offers a complete range of PVC drilling pipe for sale to a variety of industries in Australia. This durable and hardworking drilling pipe is both threaded and slotted for use within drilling and environmental monitoring contexts.

As Australia’s leading pipe supplier, we manufacture piping with our own state of the art high tech machinery. We are also proudly able to offer an assortment of lengths so that your particular project can be appropriately serviced.

Quality comes first with Plascorp. Our machines also ensure that the drilling pipe we produce is of a consistent value – this consistency is a way for us to guarantee projects never encounter a troublesome situation as a result of poor quality piping used for drilling. All Plascorp machinery and products are certified to Australian Standards, so you can be confident when buying Plascorp, you’re receiving the best in the industry.

Custom drilling pipe for your next project

At Plascorp, we understand one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why when you order a drilling pipe with us, you can specify the number of factors to allow for your pipe to be custom designed for your unique purpose. These specifications include:

  • Custom lengths (from 1m to 6m)
  • The option for threading (in sizes up to 315mm)
  • Slotting (available in sizes up to 500mm) and an assortment of slot patterns and slot widths

Our piping is also offered as perforated pipes with the option for half or full perforations. Combined with threading, these drilling pipes offer an effective alternative solution for subsurface drainage without the need for harmful solvents. The custom products we produce at Plascorp are always produced adhering to mandatory quality control testing employed to ensure product excellence is retained.

Find out more about our drilling pipes for sale

If you’re looking to soon undergo a project that requires custom drilling pipes, we’d love for you to get in touch with us at Plascorp. From there, we can quickly and simply organise a conversation to discuss customised drilling pipes for you made of the highest possible quality materials. We also offer a range of customisable products including PVC pipes and composite hoses.

If you have any general enquiries related to our drilling pipe, we welcome your enquiry. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our products. If you’re interested in other pipe products, Plascorp also produces a selection of other industry-leading products – Just ask us!

Get in touch with Australia’s leading threaded pipe suppliers

For over 50 years, Plascorp has led the industry when it comes to plasticoates range coating and flexible ducting. Get in touch with our head office today to learn more about how Plascorp can assist your business further. Give our head office a call at 1300 30 13 13 or send an email to and someone will be in touch shortly.