In addition to its range of PVC electrical conduits and underground electrical cable cover, Plascorp also offers a full range of galvanised steel conduits under the trademarked brand of Metcon. It is highly important for electrical conduits to protect enclosed conductors from a variety of environmental factors, including impact, moisture and vapours. Galvanised conduits achieve this with ease, and are the preferred choice of many Australian project managers.

All conduits bearing the Metcon brand comply to Australian Standard AS/NZ 2053.7:2002. Furthermore, they have been independently tested by ITACS, an Adelaide based NATA registered certification and testing service provider, who are recognised worldwide. AS/NZ 2053.7:2002 allows for both medium protection zinc coating (100 grams per square metre outside and inside) and high protection hot dipped zinc coating (300 grams per square metre outside and inside).

Use cases for electrical conduits in construction and mining

Stray and unorganised wiring can pose a range of risks in the construction and mining industries. Electrical conduit is used to protect wiring and cables for communication and power applications in addition to providing a range of other features.

Electrical metal conduits are useful to route wires safely – which is the primary use of electrical pipe conduits. Another benefit is connectivity. Steel conduits isolate certain wires from other wire connections. Circuit integrity can also be enhanced and kept intact thanks to fire and water-resistant designs.

The advantages of our galvanised conduits

Plascorp galvanised conduits are used in industrial and commercial industries across Australia due to a thick and highly durable tubing wall that still allows for the wires to be threaded easily. These enduring steel electrical conduits are still flexible and can be bent on the worksite to allow for simple modification as they are needed. Their malleability and incredible strength prove to be highly versatile wherever applied.

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As leading suppliers of conduits made from the highest possible quality materials in the market, Plascorp aims to provide industries across Australia with galvanised steel conduits that are designed to increase safety and productivity on any site. By implementing effective quality control, we can ensure that the steel conduits we provide for Australian industries from Melbourne to Perth are guaranteed to last.

If you’re interested in electrical conduits for your next Australian project and would like more information, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today. As knowledgeable suppliers, we can easily answer all of your queries, and provide further specifications if need be. We also work with companies to develop custom solutions for niche jobs around the country. If you require electrical conduits, you may also benefit from a variety of other products from Plascorp, such as PVC electrical pipes, drilling pipes and differently sized threaded steel pipes for your next project in Australia.