Reinforcing steel bars, also known as re-bars, are truly the backbone behind producing concrete and masonry structures – But why? 

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Steel bars are instrumental in providing the tension that is necessary to complete the build of the structure. They can be used for creating complex skeletal structures, concrete pillars, bridge pilings, and a range of other concrete structures. They may also help to eliminate weak spots from occurring in the structure. 

What is reinforced steel made of?

Made from low-grade iron, reinforcing steel bars are easy to bend and manipulate, allowing workers to shape them in whatever manner they wish.

Why is steel used as a reinforcement?

Steel reinforcement is typically combined with plain cement concrete to help reinforce concrete structures during construction. Plain concrete can be weak in tension but strong in compression. By incorporating steel reinforcement, both tension and compression can be utilised to minimise cracks in concrete and create a more stable structure that will stand the test of time.

How strong is reinforced steel?

Reinforced concrete provides a strong and durable structure that can be transformed into a range of shapes and sizes. The versatility combines concrete and steel to create strength in both tension and compression. The strength of reinforced steel greatly depends on the type of reinforcement. Certain types may provide more strength than others and the type of strength provided may vary as well depending on the type of reinforced steel. 

What are the types of reinforcing steel?

There are a range of steel reinforcements used in concrete construction:

  • Hot rolled deformed bars are commonly used for R.C.C structure steel reinforcement. The typical yield strength for this type is 60,000psi, which helps them form a stronger bond with the poured concrete.
  • Cold worked steel bars undergo twisting and drawing in the cold working process. These bars do not bear a plastic yield and have less ductility compared to hot rolled bars.
  • Mild steel plain bars do not have ribs on their surface and are instead smooth in complexion. These are used in smaller budget jobs as they only yield a strength of 40,000psi.
  • Prestressing steel bars can be used as tendons or strands. Multiple bars can be utilised in the concrete to create a prestressing action. These often have a high tensile strength ranging from 250,000 – 270,000psi which can effectively prestress the concrete. 

Why is steel used as a reinforcement?

Steel is obviously quite strong, however there are many reasons why steel is used to further reinforce concrete. Steel and concrete bond together incredibly well. Concrete often resists squeezing due to compression but steel steps in and resists bending and stretching from tensile strength. Steel bars firmly anchor concrete without the risk from slipping. 

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