The Leading Container Liners Suppliers In Australia

As a member of the Australian Hide, Skin & Leather Exporters Association, if you are shipping hides, corrosive or contaminated materials, Plascorp has four container liners that absorb/contain brine, which can cause environmental and equipment damage.

Our Plascorp container liner range includes; Plascorp TUFF – our strongest & most popular liner, Plascorp MAX, Plascorp DURA & Plascorp ECONO. Plascorp’s container liners are suitable for shipping any palletized or pre-packaged cargo.

Our top quality container liners is what has seen us become one of the top suppliers in Australia.

Why use a Plascorp Container Liner?

Plascorp Container Liners quickly convert standard ISO containers into self-contained customisable transport systems for all types of business products and corrosive materials.

Plascorp also offers a Container Liner that is suitable for shipping any palletised or pre-packaged cargo requiring a lined container.

The benefits of using a Plascorp Container Liner include:

  • Welded Exposed Seams

    Prevents any fluids used in the curing process from leaking out of the container.

  • Easy One Person, Five Minute Installation

    Plascorp’s quick-tie system reduces labour costs and increases operation efficiency.

  • Customisation

    Plascorp specialises in the design and manufacture of container liners and have the ability to customise a liner to best suit your product, loading and discharge requirements.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Plascorp offers economical pricing and order quantity price breaks to its customers.

  • Global Distribution

    Plascorp’s high quality container liners and other products are available for worldwide distribution and delivery.

Plascorp TUFF Liner

Our strongest and most popular Plascorp Container Liner, featuring a double floor to prevent leaks, with a top felt layer to minimise slippage.

Additional information:

  • Constructed from reinforced polyethylene fabric (380gsm/625µm + 200gsm/300µm)
  • Body seams are welded to prevent leaks
  • Compact packaging for reduced freight and storage costs.
  • No sawdust required